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Solving data management with machine learning.

Our Innovations

The Data Business are building a data management platform using innovative machine learning techniques that reduce data management work load for businesses and increase their productivity. The platform will be targeted at businesses of all sizes in the UK and globally. Intro here.

We are currently running a feasibility study to prove the effectiveness of our machine learning algorithms. The focus is on building, testing and improving our existing learning algorithms, identifying repeating patterns in data and learning from them, enabling for example, automatic categorisation of data.

The learning algorithms will be aimed at helping businesses solve many data management issues by removing the need for heavy lifting manual data tasks and helping to maintain currency of data via autonomous updates to databases.

Initially, we are addressing the following areas of data management:

  • Organisation categorisation
  • Contact categorisation
  • Email validation
  • Data cleansing
  • Data augmentation and
  • New research

Once our study is complete we will develop a machine learning enabled data management platform (the MLP) and then licence it in the UK and globally. Our predictions for the MLP show businesses will be able to manage and maintain their marketing data in a fraction of the time that they do today.

The MLP will be the first machine learning enabled data management platform on the market that interfaces with organisations’ central marketing and sales databases. The MLP will therefore deliver a unique, innovative and dynamic solution for all organisations to better organise, manage and maintain currency of their data assets.

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We believe machine learning can benefit and improve data universe management for organisations in the UK and globally.